Hi, I'm Vanessa!

🎨Product Design @ Segment
🐻UC Berkeley '19 – CompSci + Linguistics
🇸🇬Born and raised in Singapore

What I've been up to

Read about Why I joined Segment as a new grad designer.

I do design mentoring via Cofolios Student Office Hours. Schedule a time with me here!

New grad / young designer resources

📚Cofolios – View student portfolios, internships & new grad job postings, or chat with a designer
🎧New Layer – A podcast with weekly design deep dives by Jasmine Friedl & Tanner Christensen
💻Crucial tips for your design portfolio – Written by David Feldman

More links yay

🖊️Medium –  Rebranding Blueprint | How Has Design Evolved in Blueprint Since our Rebrand?
💭Twitter – Mostly design & some derp
📷Instagram – Travels & backpacking trips
👋Email – Say hello!

My previous, non-responsive portfolio site. Also the fonts are glitching. Please view it on a laptop to avoid cancer.

I'll make a nicer site ... soon 😄